Behind the Scenes of The Other Side of The Pole: Jason


Meet Jason Beck, who plays Baubles and Alex Kringle in the upcoming production of The Other Side of The Pole, directed by Michelle Thorne that opens on November 25, 2016 at Keyano Theatre. During the day, Jason is the Manager of Community and Corporate Relations for Waypoints, and his theatre journey started only this past season - but he is already making a name for himself with his phenomenal voice and lovely personality.


"I had been going to see Keyano shows since I moved here and always wanted to get involved but just did not have the time. My friend Russell Thomas was always suggesting I should audition and when Into the Woods was announced, he suggested I should audition for the Baker.  My schedule had lightened up and so I decided to try out and much to my surprise got the part!

Before that, I was involved in my high school drama team but our school from K-12 was less than 300 students - it was very small. Into the Woods was my first ever theatre experience!"


"I love watching both the character development but also the actor development that takes place during a production.  It was fun to watch someone who comes into a musical thinking they are a mediocre singer at best and watch them grow so much and give an amazing performance!  Seeing that confidence boost is very special to watch!

Being able to be an amateur actor but get the experience of being involved with professional level theatre is incredible. I have learned so much over the last year being involved and have grown so much as an actor!  Being in a room with people who love to tell a story, who put the work and effort into making a beautiful story come to life is better than any drug that exists!  It's such an amazing feeling to move people in an audience and give them a great night out."


"My favourite thing about Christmas is being together with those that you care about. The Other Side of The Pole is such a beautiful story with such rich characters that it really is one you will not want to miss!  You will laugh, you will cry, you will be moved and will also have a lot of fun as we take you on a journey of this magical Christmas tale!


The Other Side of The Pole opens on November 25 at Keyano Theatre. Tickets are available here!